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Enter the Judge’s Chamber....What’s the Verdict?

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

There will always be critics that will be quick to point out that you can't measure everything. This is true.

Love is important, but how do you measure it?Morality is important, but can it be quantified accurately? Finding meaning in our lives is essential, but how do you calculate it?

Furthermore, there are some things in life that don't need to be measured. Some people just love working out for the sake of working out. Measuring every single repetition might reduce the satisfaction and make it seem more like a job.

Measurement won't solve everything. Although we live in a world that loves to “Judge,” life was not designed to have everyone in court on every limit, boundary, and stretch. It is not an ultimate answer to life. However, it is a way to track something critical: are you showing up in the areas that you say are important to you?

The Idea in Practice

But even for things that can't be quantified, measuring can be helpful. And it doesn't have to be complicated or time-consuming.

You can't measure love, but you can track different ways that you are showing up with love in your life: - Send a digital love note to your partner each day (text, email, voicemail, tweet, etc.) -Schedule one “Surprise Appreciation” each week where you write to a friend and thank them for something unexpected.

You can't measure morality, but you can track if you're thinking about it: - Write down three values that are dear to you each morning. Keep a decision journal to track which decisions you make and whether or not they align with your ethics. This type of measure is one to keep life on the right track, but not consuming life with the negative outcomes that come from drastically taking things to the courtroom.

The things we measure are the things we improve. What are you measuring in your life?

We tend to live our lives in a “Measurement Zone.” We live to justify every action or lack of action just to fulfill our own security or insecurity. With the checks and balances we put on ourselves, we need to strive for the best, and be okay with our outcomes as long as we did the best!

With that comes aging; in order to do more we must live longer. In order to live longer, we just eat better and get the right amount of exercise. But who determines the amount? The value? Once again we are measuring our actions to get the essential outcome. Who is the Judge??

Although you can’t measure everything, we are trained to justify an answer. In the end, if we would stop trying to measure things that aren’t measurable, we might live a healthier life, longer life; one that is definitely less stressful!

So, who is the judge in the end? When do we stop measuring our efforts? Or trying to measure our outcomes? Well that answer still still remains a mystery! What we do know is that by upregulating our survival genes at a cellular level, we can decrease oxidative stress, and therefore turn our “Cellular” clocks back to that of a 20 year old ..... All because of NrF2 activation! Are you activated? Check out our products page and get Activated with NrF2.

Once NrF2 activated; you will be free of the worries that are placed on you, simply by lowering your oxidative stress!

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