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Busy? Stress?? or Joy??? What will your choice be?? The Power is in Your Hands🤲 ..#ChooseWell

I EASILY get #stressed. I have to be SUPER self-aware to keep myself from getting overwhelmed. Because everything we feel is truly a choice.

Now, it’s easier for us to sit there and say that it’s not our fault that we feel this way and there’s nothing we can do about it...🤷🏼‍♀️

It’s easier to say it’s someone else’s fault, it’s the situation’s fault, it’s life’s fault...

But we ultimately C•H•O•O•S•E how we ☝🏼feel and how we ✌🏼react to the endless amount of stress, challenges, and burdens that happens to us in this life.

Absolute Autonomy! The ability to share what inspires me. That is what I am passionate about. The freedom to live every single day with a purpose driven passion dedicated to serving others.

The freedom to never have to miss a ballgame, to be active in the life of the kids journey through high school and now, yes.. into college.... these are the reasons my purpose driven passion is fueled.

The freedom financially to be able to travel with my husband as a couple, and do the things together that we missed doing when the 9-5 routines ran our lives.

The ability to GIVE both time and money to those things I KNOW I can make a big impact toward; while showing others it's possible to do the same!

How would that make you feel??? What would it mean for you? If you do anything today, please decide to take back your power❤️

Comment below “show me” and I will help you get going on the exact path for change and abundance in both health and wealth🙌💯

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