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What damage is the SUN doing to our hair??? Is their a #Hack for that???🧐😎🤨

Sun. Chlorine. Saltwater. Sun-kissed hair. Unfortunately, even the best parts of summer can leave our hair a complete mess – some can even be permanent. Our locks take a beating during warmer weather months, leaving strands dry, color-faded, frizzy, and greasy.

We know that extreme weathers can damage our hair, but who would’ve thought that even air conditioning can wreak havoc on your hair and scalp. Below are some tips to help protect your hair from the sun.

Wear A Hat:

When wearing a hat–you’ll cover your scalp and add a bit of style at the same time. Switch it up with a sun hat, baseball cap, bowler, or a big floppy hat to make sure your hair is out of the sun all day.

UV Protection:

Our hair is made up of 80 to 90 percent protein, while the remaining is made up of moisture, and seeing that UV rays have the ability to break down protein, it should come to no surprise that summer is harsh on your hair.

Keep your locks hydrated and protected with leave-in detangler or conditioner. In a rush? You can try a product that already has built-in UV protection for hair.

Protect Your Scalp:

A healthy scalp means healthy hair. Even if your head is covered with hair (and especially if it isn’t), that doesn’t mean it’s safe from harmful UV rays. In fact, skin cancer can still show up on your scalp and hairline, and you can still get burned where your hair parts.


Less Shampoo Sessions:

The oil in your hair is naturally produced and protects it from the sun, so you don’t want to over-wash during the warmer months. Instead of lathering up daily, opt for a dry shampoo.

Introduce it into your routine a couple times a week to clean your hair without stripping the scalp and hair cuticles of moisture.

How to use the TrueScience Hair product as part of your hair routine. Wash your hair twice in one session. Why twice? first wash is to remove superficial gunk like dirt. the second wash is to actually clean your hair and your scalp.

A clean and healthy scalp is an integral part of achieving normal hair growth. Thanks to consistent warnings of skin cancer, sun spots aging woes, we all know how important it is to soak our skin in sunscreen.

You might think that wearing sun protection on your locks is just another unnecessary step in your beauty routine, but according to experts exposure to UV rays damages the hair just as much as it does our skin.

Use Cool Water To Wash and Rinse Your Hair:

When rinsing your hair make sure to use cool water. A hot shower can cause heat damage to your hair, much like using a blow dryer can damage your hair. Cool water can also help to make your hair look shinier.

Blow Drying Your Hair Tips:

While you should avoid using heat-styling tools as much as possible, you should purchase quality tools for the days where you want to straighten, curl, or blow dry your hair. A good blow-dry should last you at least a couple of days depending on your hair type.

Eating Healthy Foods:

When it comes to eating food this can make the biggest difference. Make sure you are eating enough protein. Hair is made of protein, so eating meat, eggs, and other protein foods will give your body what it needs to grow and help your hair.

You can increase hair growth and repair and prevent hair loss. If you do not get enough nutrients each day, your hair will most likely become thin.

Give yourself and your hair a treat and love your locks! When taking care of your hair you will notice changes and you will start to appreciate the simple things when doing these minor steps in protecting your hair.

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