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What counts is NOT necessarily the SIZE of the dog in the fight....

Do your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, and do more? The growth and development of people is the highest calling of great leadership. Are you hungry? Would people be able to feel your passion while seeing your heart? Are you saying “I will?”

The super successful don’t stop once they hit their targets. They simply reset and go again. Anytime you stop reaching for massive success, the next thing, you start settling in, that’s when you start having problems.

The comfort zone is dangerous. When you’re comfortable, you are most dangerous. You should never feel comfortable. You should be happy, and dissatisfied. Most people are hungry to achieve a certain amount, make a certain amount of money, and then they get comfortable and relax, or they get a certain level and then they relax.

If you don’t grow, you’re dying. If you do not expand your business, expand your family, expand your life, if you don’t push to grow, you’re dying. What happens when you you die? What you have grown will be taken. You should double your business. Triple it. Be obsessed over your future, be consumed by the possibilities.

The ambitious should never apologize, for the only people that criticize them are the people that have given up. Get excited, be excited, stay excited, and never settle.

Un-relenting action is what turns daydreams into clear focus and purpose. A wise man once said ... “If you are interested, you will do whatever is convenient, if you’re committed, you’ll do whatever it takes.” What counts is the SIZE of the FIGHT in the Dog. What size is the fight in your dog?

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