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What are your odds of coming back from a Triple Threat??? Can you #HACK A Triple Threat Attack? 😳😳😳

Whether it’s a breakup, getting fired, not getting a job, or missing out on a particular opportunity you were desperately wanting, being told “no” can be potentially very devastating. Some people never recover, or they continue with only a fraction of the confidence.

Rejection is never part of our plans, but the good news is that rejection can lead to the most important growth and future opportunities. That is, if you can find the gifts in rejection.



As uncomfortable as it can be, asking why you were rejected can bring some painful but life-changing truth. It can be easy to explain away the rejection by blaming the party who rejected you. But if you can be brave enough to ask what you did wrong or what you could improve, you can bring yourself to an entirely new place. Taking an honest self-look to know where you need improvement will help you begin working on becoming a better you.


The reflection that can come after rejection can help you hit the reset button. Sometimes you need a rejection to force you to take a break, take a beat, breathe. Maybe it’s time to lock away your laptop for a weekend or take a short trip with a friend. You may find some clarity in the time off, as well as healing from the pain of a rejection.


When you truly listen to the rejection, it can be the greatest gift to your future. So many moguls spent time pursuing other, unsuccessful venues before finding their true calling. Having the flexibility to accept a rejection and move forward with resilience can lead you to something even better than you were planning. Believe that failure is temporary and there is success in your future.


Amazing things happen when you believe in yourself enough to push past a rejection. If you truly believe in your dream, keep going. Find a way around the rejection and persist. While this may not work in matters of love, it can be an important step for business owners, creatives, and athletes. Becoming stronger than a rejection and moving on unaffected will turn you into a giant among men.

Did you know that these gifts can even be recovered retroactively? It’s true. Stop and think about a past failure. So many of us carry around past failures on our backs, whether we think we’re affected by them or not. Using one or more of these techniques for dealing with failure, even years ago, can turn you into a stronger, smarter, healthier, more successful person. And the next time you face a “no,” you’ll be better equipped to deal with it in a productive way.

Face your Fears and embrace every “NO” you get, for every time you hear NO, you learn, you overcome, and you get stronger. Your self-worth is a million times richer everytime you face rejection, so face it; stand tall and be proud... because the quicker you embrace “Rejection,” the quicker you become the powerful success you are meant to be!

“Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.”

—Dale Carnegie

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