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We are #AgingBackwards and Celebrating!!! 🥳💯Join us Celebrating our Milestones💯🥳

Our ten-year anniversary is right around the corner. It’s been an amazing, inspiring journey so far. But it’s also only the beginning. So in honor of our anniversary, we wanted to take a brief look back at the last ten years to see how far nutrigenomics has come – as well as a glance into its future.

While nutrigenomics might feel like a new topic, it’s actually been around for quite some time – ever since the 1800s, actually. But it wasn’t until the 1970s that scientists really began to look at how diet could prevent and treat chronic disease. The new, groundbreaking studies on nutrigenomics you’re seeing now are due to the merging of genetics and diets. Today, we’re finally learning about just how powerful the results are when your genes and your diet work together.

In a nutshell, nutrigenomics studies how nutrition interacts with our genes. What we eat dictates the genetic messages our bodies receives. This, in turn, effects our metabolisms, and alters how food impacts our overall health.

Framed in this way, nutrigenomics has wide-ranging implications on how we lose weight and optimize our overall health.

This all became abundantly clear when we launched Nrf2. Dozens of peer reviewed academic studies followed, all confirming that Protandim was working. And the studies have continued. In a recent study conducted by the National Institute on Aging the Intervention Testing Program funded by the National Institute on Aging* and published in the journal “Aging Cell” in 2016, it was discovered that Protandim® Nrf2 Synergizer extended the median lifespan of male mice by 7%.

The study provided proof that nutrition can impact biology. The field of Nutrigenomics is teaching us that our bodies and minds are capable of so much more than we originally thought. An entire community has sprung up around this fact. Referred to as Biohackers, this massive movement is utilizing advances in cognitive, behavioral, environmental, and sleep science, combined with the immediate health feedback now possible thanks to technological discoveries, to “hack” their health and give themselves the best chance of staying healthier, longer.

All this in only 10 years.

A lot goes by when you’re having fun, right?

And Nrf2 was just the start. It turns out we’ve barely started to scratch the surface with nutrigenomics. Technological advances have made it possible to map the human genome quickly and affordably (when first possible in 2002, it cost $2.7 billion, today you can have your genome mapped for under $1000), giving way to new solutions that can help us understand our bodies on a higher level. Soon, we’ll be able to know exactly what foods we should eat and avoid on a uniquely personal level. In fact, Nutrigenomic companies like Viome, and 23 and Me, are already providing the beginnings of this service.

And we’ve also discovered how to affect additional powerful processes within the body. The Nrf2 process that produces antioxidants, the NRF1 process that controls mitochondrial production, and more. Every day exciting discoveries are made. Take NAD, for example. Found in every single cell, NAD helps power the metabolism by enabling the mitochondria and converting the food we eat into the energy we need to do everything. It also plays a big role in turning off the genes responsible for accelerating the aging process. NAD’s potential is both immense and exciting in its scope and promise. We can look forward to one day being able to flip the switch on many more of the bodies processes thanks to the discoveries emerging from Nutrigenomics.

As we celebrate our ten year anniversary, it’s amazing to look back at the research, insights, and validation that has put us on the forefront of science that’s powering better lives for millions of people across the world. But it’s equally fitting to look ahead at the next ten years and the incredible promise they hold.

*The National Institute on Aging does not endorse this product.

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