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The Harsh White Coat TRUTH!!!!

Most doctors treat disease or symptoms ....instead of prevent disease or symptoms. They see you after you get the disease.

Did you know most disease processes have 3 common denominators:

1. high oxidative stress,

2. high inflammation levels

3. low glutathione.

Protandim, the natural Nrf2 addresses all three with NO side affects or drug interactions.

✳️Protandim increases glutathione by 300%

✳️ Protandim reduces Oxidative stress on average by 40% in 30 days

✳️ Protandim reduces inflammation

People wonder why their doctor isn't telling them about these amazing activators:

✅1st - Protandim not made or marketed by a pharmaceutical company so no one is taking the doctors to lunch and telling them about it. However major pharma companies are making synthetic Nrf2 and they will be opening new doors of overall knowledge.

✅2nd - IT IS NEW TECHNOLOGY. It takes 15-20 years before research becomes part of medical curriculum; so, even if new doctors are beginning to learn about Nrf2 +Nrf1 Activation, you won't be seeing those docs for 4-8 more years. This knowledge and technology will be mainstream in years to come. Your hearing it first.

If you want to see the research go to

It is INCREDIBLE that more than 800 doctors and growing - including Oncologists from Johns Hopkins, plastic surgeons, dermatologists, Veterinarians, dentists, cardiologists and more have joined Life Vantage and are actively working to ensure that people know about the preventative and therapeutic power of Nrf2 + Nrf1 Activation and the ability to reduce oxidative stress and activate your bodies pathways.

Don't wait for your doc to tell you! Look at these products, the scientific data is EXPLODING!!! Here on our site, under the Join tab, Dr. Skip Campbell shares why you should JOIN NOW!!!! Take a look, become the best possible YOU can BE!!!

THEN - YOU Go tell your doc about it! #TodayISTheDayJoinToday

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