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🛑STOP🛑 Waiting for #Perfect!! There is No Perfect Day or Time🚫 Get Busy with these #RealHacks💯😍❤️

Dedication to excellence and constantly rising standards are amazing qualities in today’s world. The competition has peaked, and modern technology has allowed us to improve in ways we’d have never expected. It’s easier to get information, opinions, and scientific data. It’s easier to compare to others and explore options. We have so many incredible opportunities, but one potential problem that many driven individuals or entrepreneurs face is an increased focus on perfection.


It can feel like you’re surrounded by perfection. Products on television can solve your every problem. Your college roommate shares photos of exotic vacations and a beautiful family. Your boss is tough and totally invulnerable. This can spell insecurity and breed perfectionism, especially as you struggle to build something new. We all feel the need to measure up, to be as perfect as we possibly can be. The drive is so important, but it can be suffocating.

It’s important to realize that everyone shares what looks perfect, and what presents a vision of perfection. You don’t always see the work that goes into that image, that product, that choice. You don’t see the background or the drawbacks. It may be that “perfect” isn’t that perfect at all.

Waiting For Perfect

The main problem with this view of perfection is that we feel like we, too, must be perfect. Our business has to be totally bulletproof. We feel the need to beta-test, consult, prototype, reconfigure, and solve every existing and potential problem before we launch. Or maybe you’re like plenty of other Americans who think they need to get into shape BEFORE they get a gym pass. Waiting for perfect is a real problem, and it puts your life on hold.

“Next week we’ll be able to…” or “Once we figure out…” can quickly turn days and weeks into months and years. Resolving one problem will open up three more. Perfection is an entirely elusive goal that will keep you spinning your wheels, never moving forward.

Stop Waiting 

There is no perfect time, no perfect situation. The time is now to pick a product and get to work. You will never have the ideal scenario for launching that business or taking that course. So stop waiting for perfect. Get started. It’s ok if it’s chaotic. It’s ok if you make mistakes. You’ll learn faster, and respond quicker than if you sat around trying to anticipate and prepare for each problem beforehand. Get things about half right, then get out there and test it in the real world.

You’ll never achieve your dreams if you keep micromanaging strokes on the drawing board. Get past the drawing board and into real life. There’s no better time to start than now.

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