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Imagine sitting in a room & being told you will no longer be able to live the life you’ve dreamed...

Such a #Bold statement with such #profound meanings. We, as a society often get caught up in the everyday hustle and bustle of life that we don’t take time to think or prepare for the “what if” moments.

What if life took a massive curve ball and completely sent your life crumbling; to the point of sheer hopelessness? Would you be prepared? Would you know where to turn? Could you remain strong for your family, while coping with life altering depression on the inside? These are very pertinent questions, and are happening minute by minute everyday.

Recently, more and more research is being done to explore non- invasive and non- pharmaceutical ways to help people with chronic conditions, and the results cannot be ignored.

The average Cancer patient takes seven different medications. Cancer and it’s treatments are stressful alone, not too mention the cost associated with the pharmaceutical medications, multiple testing procedures, office visits, and yes sometimes frequent hospitalizations. How is one to cope with all of this?

Is the answer to add on additional pharmaceutical anti-depressant medications to aid with depression, add anxiety medication, and what helps the caregiver? Are they supposed to see their physician too in an effort to get the same type of therapy just to “make“ It day to day?

That’s a stigma that we have been led to believe. It’s a band-aid approach, but does nothing to “fix” the problem. It can turn the initial problems into bigger problems, especially if it causes deeper concerns such as financial strains, and bitterness about what once was a normal life.

There is now science based evidence that shows healing modalities, such as yoga can provide relief from pain. The same type of techniques are the ways to balance life’s outside stressors and start managing stress and anxiety. Those suffering from chronic pain are encouraged to find a therapeutic exercise program that works for them too!

Massage therapy, acupuncture, and aromatherapy, are all benefits for comfort and pain relief. Worry and anxiety can cause mental and physical fatigue, leaving caregivers and family members completely wiped out. Learning how to cope and control/manage stress can help you feel better. This alone will enable you to be a better supporter to your loved one that needs the best version of you possible while going through the physical and emotional toll cancer diagnosis and treatment puts on their body.

A healthy lifestyle is key. Relinquish the word diet and just start focusing on healthy lifestyle living.

  • Be Flexible - Be in tune with what your body needs. Try getting outside and allowing yourself that Vitamin D to soak into your skin.

  • Get Enough Sleep- Getting enough sleep helps manage fatigue. Aim for at least 8 hours each night. As you approach bedtime, avoid things that can distract you from sleep such as exercising, having too much caffeine, or using electronic devices.

  • Drink Plenty Of Water- Drinking water can greatly improve your energy levels. Drinking water helps your entire digestive process. Water can help with regularity, stomachaches, and retaining important nutrients.

  • Eat Well- How, what, and when you eat can affect how you feel. Instead of three large meals a day, eat smaller meals, throughout the day. This might help you avoid the feeling of being too hungry or too full, which either of those might trigger nausea.

  • Exercise Regularly- Exercise regular! 4-5 days a week 30 minutes a day! Believe you can dominate and change in every area of your life!

  • You can try the many available health and nutrition plans see what works for your daily life/routine.


Why are so many kids having autistic symptoms? Why are more and more adults experiencing dementia-like symptoms?

Our guts are being destroyed by GMO foods, which affects the neurotransmitters in our brains. Simply put Oxidative Stress!! The underlying cause!!!

Synthetic supplementation is now a thing of the past as technology moves us into the fascinating world of enzyme activation using plant-based nutrition. 

Scientists have discovered that we have proteins in our body that regulate the health of our genome.  When these proteins are activated, 500 survival genes are turned on, endogenous antioxidants, mitochondria and ATP are boosted, providing cellular rejuvenation

and optimal wellness.

This extraordinary breakthrough sparked

a media frenzy and is now being

studied by medical universities

worldwide, as well as attracting top industry leaders.

Biohacking is using nutrigenomics to look and feel your very best, improve cellular performance and to maximize genetic potential. 

Believe In yourself! Never Give Up! Do your research! BioHack with me! For more information, click the links below ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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