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I’ve got Unfinished Business ...

Let me fill you in.. this is the year of unfinished business so let’s get to it. 2019 is a year with unlimited potential… just like you…. Now grab a pen and some paper and take a little walk down memory lane. Thanks to a recent post, I knew you guys would love to see these tips that encourage you to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and pick up where you left off to become a new version of the old you. Here are the top 5 starters that are necessary:

1) Make a list of all the things you used to enjoy doing, ex. Writing, dancing, playing an instrument, theatre, building, running, painting… add the things you always wanted to do but never seem to start… those things are important too.

2) Start small… If I have learned anything it’s that the go big or go home mentality usually finds me going home. So start small if you want to start dancing again you don’t necessarily have to become a prima ballerina overnight. Look for a class that meets one night a week if you want to do more, practice at home.

3) Make it a priority… for so long so many other things have taken priority in my life.. The mentality that moms have to be second to everyone else needs to stop. We need to be important in our own lives but somewhere along the way that gets lost. It’s time to be number one for a change…. Make you and your goal a priority. If you get nothing else done during the the day make sure you do something that moves your toward the life you want. YOU ARE IMPORTANT.

4) Share it… talking about your goals makes them seem more real and attainable. It also inspires others to reach for their goals. Now I’m not going to lie there are going to be people who are going to have some negative things to say but block out the haters. Do it for YOU!

5) Celebrate… even the smallest accomplishments should be celebrated. Now I’m not saying you should have a party every week, but you can treat yourself to a bubble bath or an expensive latte at that cafe you like … these little celebrations give you time to be proud of yourself while motivating you to keep going.

Remember it’s all about the perspective you put on the priorities in your life. Tweaking where and how “YOU” fit into the everyday routine will allow enthusiasm and motivation to continue strong while staying the course! If you need an extra bounce for mid-day slumps or to get you out of that clutter “brain-fog,” then check out the products page for AXIO. Add that to your everyday essentials!

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