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How are you spending your day?? 🎙 I bet someone is waiting on you... Are YOU Ready?

“What we spend our time on is the most important decision we make.”

—Ray Kurzweil

🤜🤛I choose to always be at the forefront of investing in myself and the ability to gain more by #growth in the areas of Personal Development and #influencertraining.

🎙I’m sure you see and hear names like Ray Higdon and Tony Robbins thrown around a ton as influencers of Personal Development. It’s not because they sit behind a computer screen somewhere, that’s for sure!!!

💎What about those like Erin Brockovich and Brian Tracy; yeah these highly influential people aren’t recognized because they are at home on a Saturday morning either... These are very successful influencers that at one point were making a choice, just like you, on what to spend their time on... “Think about that for a moment...”

🔆We aren’t born into this world with a roadmap like the Game Monopoly, where you must pass “Go” to collect your $200... there are no instructions, no real toolboxes to gather tools from, so we go through life gathering our tools from “Influencers” starting from day one, being our parents/guardians. As we grow, we determine who we deem as additional influencers, and then we start to learn from those influencers.

🌀The concept has always been in place. However, the difference is many have never realized they too can be an influencer. There is no rule book, no Golden Ticket, and no Millionaire Status required to be an Influencer.

✳️If you quantify it, all parents are influencers; so if you already are an influencer in the eyes of the most beloved people in your life, WHY would you not be an influencer to others???? Doesn’t it seem like such a gift that is wasted?? 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

🎯Today, I challenge you, to wake up, and show up! Ask yourself, what can I do today that I didn’t do yesterday? How can I inspire, seek to gain more knowledge, and touch more lives than I did yesterday?

🙋‍♀️When you answer the question, then DO IT!

🌟You, then will be changing your mindset, and will be ascending to the model of #ServingOthers rather than a focus on you.

🤔Where will that get you???? When you become aligned with that type of mindset, you are paralleled in thinking, and automatically shift naturally into an influencer mentality. What are you waiting on?? There are people now who are waiting to hear from you!! 💃

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