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Flip The Script!! The #Quality in the Conversation Leads to the “YES” as the Destination🍀🙌

Fact: More than 90% of the online entrepreneurs I speak with are afraid of being pushy or sales-y during a sales call.

Sadly, almost 100% of these ladies are UNKNOWINGLY are starting their calls with a sales script that sets their potential client up to feel those pushy, convinced, bait and switch feels! You know... #Pitched

Why is that?

And you might think, how are they opening up their calls with a sales script that is causing this sales TRAGEDY?

Well, most people try to ease their potential client into the conversation by NOT acknowledging that it’s actually a sales call.

👉They do this BECAUSE they believe that if they DO acknowledge the purpose of the call right away, that they’ll come off as a used-car-saleswoman.

Therefore, most are beginning the conversation in a “let’s be friends” type of manner in an attempt to build rapport and trust. None of us want to come off as that aggressive business owner who is shoving our offer down the throat of our potential client.

I totally get it. Only… our attempt to avoid that sleazy sales feeling usually has the opposite effect.

Think about it. The conversation starts out with no acknowledgment of the upcoming offer. As the conversation continues and the connection grows, it may seem like we’re just helping them out for free since the objective was never clear to begin with. Then, out of the blue, here comes the offer, and even if our potential client DID assume it was on it’s way, the lack of acknowledgement feels like a break in the trust that we’ve just worked so hard to build.

So how DO I begin my sales conversations? What exactly DO I say to open the call in a way that allows me to confidently make my offer and hear YES more often?

Simple. I OUT of the gate discuss the objective and set expectation of the sales call right from the beginning! In fact, here’s exactly how the Discovery Call looks when I open a call with a potential client:

Jean: “Hey Potential Client”, I’m really excited to chat with you and learn more about what’s going on with you and your business! I’m also understanding that you’re interested in working with me in my (insert service/product/coaching program that I’m offering), is that correct?”

Potential Client: Great, yes that’s right.

Jean: Awesome 😍The purpose of this discovery call (the name I use for a sales call) is to discover if we’re a good fit to begin working together. Sound good?

Potential Client: Absolutely.

Jean: Great! Then, let’s get started, why don’t you tell me about your business?

See how it couldn’t be more obvious that this is a sales call? If I wanted to offer free coaching in some capacity, I can do that. However, a discovery call/sales call, is not a free session. It’s a time to speak with a potential client to find out if working together is a good fit.

To make sure that I vet those who want to have a discussion about my program and make sure they’re actually an ideal client, I have an application for them to fill out before we book a session. This helps me decide if it’s a good idea to get on the phone with them. It also helps them become clear about the purpose of the call, before we get on the phone, and the details of my coaching package.

In the rare chance that someone says, “No, I’m not interested in your program” because they might be confused and think this is a time to pick my brain, I politely and kindly direct them to my sales page or website to have any of their questions answered. I might also tell them about my next free piece of content, or refer them to a different product or service that I think is a better fit.

Now open those calls with with a sales script that builds teams and let’s get you booking clients with confidence!

#confidenceispower #winning #entrepreneur #personaldevelopment

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