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Do you have what it takes to be a Champion?? Are you Going for the GOLD? How Big is your #WHY?🏆🥇🎗

The bigger the why, the greater the impact and the stronger the drive. Everyone has days where they don’t feel like showing up, but those are the days where the most progress is made.


Champions don't always know more or give more than anyone else, yet they make it a point to show up to the world differently. The impact that you make on the days you “bring it” when you didn’t have it in you, is far greater than the surface level impact that can be seen immediately.

At times, the impact isn’t realized until later when something is triggered that reinforces why “impact” was gained that specific day. Recognizing and embracing how to build a champion mindset may be the most worthy endeavor you could ever grasp.

Now, you can biohack information about you that is soft-wired, such as old thoughts and beliefs and behaviors, however, you cannot biohack your hard-wiring. For example: You cannot change the fact your body needs oxygen, food, and water to live. You cannot change that you are driven to meaningfully contribute in life and connect with life around you.

Biohacking Your Thoughts Applies In Every Area Of Your Life. Your choices reflect your thoughts. Your thoughts, by the level of chemical “feel-good” feelings they produce, communicate what you want to your subconscious, and your emotional responses communicate what you really, really want.


You are always in the thinking process of becoming what you are most thinking because; “You thoughts shape your actions.”

Don’t settle for anything that can be built bigger, for anything that can be built bigger, deserves your attention! You deserve to continue building and as a result if you didn’t continue, you would be settling!!

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