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Push Notification: Reboot required... Are YOU Tired and Wired???? #Hack Code to reboot inside!

Allow yourself to get push notifications when a reboot is required. If you want to be productive, get anything done, and be the AWESOME you that you want and need to be; you’ll need energy to do it. What stands in the way of your awesomeness and being able to be GREAT in all areas of your life is fatigue. It will come into your life, dominate before you realize it, and take you from hero to zero. It can and 95% of the time IT WILL stand in between you and your goals.

Do you suffer from fatigue? If so, you You will need a Reboot! Let’s take a look at the signs and symptoms, and determine when you need to set that push notification that is signaling the need to reboot your life to help get you back functioning at a normal energy level.

Fatigue (either physical, mental or both) is a symptom that may be difficult to describe and words like lethargic, exhausted and tired may be used. Taking a careful and complete health history is the key to help making the underlying diagnosis of the cause for the symptom of fatigue. However, in about a third of patients the cause is not found and the diagnosis is not known.

There are numerous causes of fatigue symptoms. Examples of some treatable causes of fatigue include anemia, diabetes,thyroid disease, heart disease, COPD and sleep disorders. Long lasting complaints of fatigue dit’s not mean that it is labeled or defined as chronic fatigue syndrome. Specific criteria as set by the CDC need to be determined after an in depth review of symptoms and attempt to change/improve certain areas that could be the root cause before any chronic diagnosis is made.

There are numerous potential causes of fatigue as a major complaint. They range from those that cause poor blood supply to the body's tissues to illnesses that affect metabolism, from infections and inflammatory diseases to those that cause sleep disturbances. Fatigue is a common side effect of many medications. While numerous prolls with psychological conditions often complain of fatigue (physical and mental), there are also amother group of people where the cause of fatigue is never diagnosed.

Before the reboot starts, you will need to close out any programs you have running. Having to reboot will clear all activity and allow you to process what could be causing your wires to be misfiring. It could have something to do with your diet. Everything we eat gets broken down and transformed into the molecules we need to live.

Proteins, carbohydrates and fats all play a vital role in creating the energy it takes to get the job done. If you’re experiencing a serious lack of energy lately, here are some smart food choices you can make to beat that fatigue and attack the day!

Calorie-Dense Foods

While you may think eating healthy means avoiding calories, that’s not the case if you’re looking to fight fatigue. Calories give us the energy we need throughout the day, so there’s no need to be afraid of them. Of course, there’s more to this equation than just calories alone; if your goal is healthy calorie consumption, you’ll need to select foods that are both calorie and nutrient dense.

Doughnuts and candy are high in calories but they’re not nutrient dense. Instead, try foods like nuts, beans and avocados for a snack that’s packed with energy and healthy nutrients. For best results, select unsalted nuts and beans so you can get the calories you need without taking in excess sodium.

Complex Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are another molecule that has gotten a bad rap in the health food community. Making the right carbohydrate selection can actually provide a huge benefit to your energy level. Instead of picking highly processed carbohydrates like white bread and refined sugar, go for whole grain alternatives.

Whole grain breads, pastas and snack foods can give you energy that lasts throughout the day (without the “sugar crash” you get with simple carbs) and they give you the additional benefit of providing necessary fiber in your diet.

Lean Proteins

Protein is a complex molecule and is important in maintaining healthy cells throughout the body. If you want to get your protein without taking in too much saturated fat, try picking lean proteins like chicken and fish. These will give you long lasting energy that can also help you build lean muscle as you work. In addition, fish like salmon and tuna are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, which have been proven to be beneficial for your heart health.

If you’re feeling a bit sluggish lately, encourage youself to try making healthy food choices. Not only can eating nutrient-dense foods, complex carbohydrates and lean proteins give you more energy that lasts longer, it can also help prevent obesity, which is a major contributor to feeling fatigued.

With all your newfound energy, there’s no telling what amazing things you’ll accomplish, so start thinking about some diet changes that can help you feel more vigorous.

To help you lift that brain fog and increase your concentration try activating your reboot with an energy focused splash of Axio.

Axio is a brain performance product that ignites long lasting power, heightened concentration, and sharper focus. Axio provides the purest form of caffeine and a higher amount of AXIO’s proprietary blend (compared with AXIO Decaf) to offer a more rapid source of energy. Recommended use for morning, prior to exercise, or for those days when you need a little something to get yourself through.

We left out the added caffeine and lowered the AXIO proprietary blend in AXIO Decaf to give you long-lasting power without a high dose of caffeine. If you want energy without any added caffeine, use AXIO Decaf during your mid-afternoon lull for long-lasting power to propel you to that 5 o’clock hour—to stay sharp through a long night of work.

Check Axio out in both caffeinated and decaf flavors. Order right here on the site under the “Products” tab.

Activating your essential reboot will allow you to focus on lifting the brain fog, improving your energy level, and gain traction to get back into your March Madness or Spring Break physical shape.

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