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Are you looking for more? Need a place to connect & share your story with others?? Buckle up .. 😳✈️

You must fortify your mindset. You must believe this can work for you…not that it can work, not that can work for some, not that it can work for others, but that it can work for YOU!

The reason I continue to BUILD my business online using “21st-century tactics,” like social media, is because it legitimizes this profession.

The “old-school” methods of approaching everyone you know to try to get them into your business is NOT how a real business operates and that's NOT how you get to be successful in network marketing.

Allow me to repeat myself… Approaching strangers, or people in a social setting, with a hidden agenda to get them into your business, is not how a real business operates! Thats shady, spammy, and frankly wrong! It might get you a lead every now and then but it will get you more blocks and reporting along with a horrible reputation that will follow you as you continue your business building approach! That's a fact!

Real businesses don't do that.

💡Real businesses actually market and advertise their services💡

Providing real solutions that help people solve their problems. 🤔The Ah-Ha Way🤔

Makes sense, right?

So what does that mean? Well, first and foremost, there's a mindset component. If you don't have a real solution for people and the problems they're experiencing in their lives, then they’re not going to be interested. Bottomline!

However, if you do have something that helps people solve a pain point, that's actually happening in their life, then they will likely be willing to listen. Once they are listening, you have them connected. Then, they are engaging in how your solution could possibly {fix} this very dark point in their life.

Now understand, when you connect with someone on this level, it can get very raw, very real, very emotional, because of that pain point; and that’s ok. If you are passionate about the truth of your solution and they see the ability to finally mend a wound or solve that burden, you have become someone that could be delivering a joyous solution. This could be their pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow.

Frankly, for some, that analogy holds true because they have locked the pain up so far and just come to grips that they would never have hope of recovery. Once you make that connection; you have the chance to share your story... what was your “Ah-ha” moment. Share your pain points ... YOUR STORY IS POWERFUL AND MEANT TO BE TOLD AT THE RIGHT TIME🌟🙌💯

If this deep analogy is hard to understand why it would bring someone this type of emotion, think of these examples as real life pain points..

  1. I‘m close to retirement age with no money in savings for retirement and I have no idea how I’m going to survive. Recently had a few health problems that won’t allow me to keep working the labor job at my current company, so my company did allow me to step down into an inside cleaning job. However, the pay barely covers our house note. A true additional side business that my wife and I could run from our cell phone/internet is the biggest blessing for us.

  2. I‘ve been suffering with skin irritations for the last several months and have been to two Dermatologists. They put me on expensive medicine and the rash seems to fade a little but the brand of makeup I buy irritates it and my face looks like a clown. You don’t know how much of a blessing this would be if this line of makeup you have and skincare didn’t cause irritation on top of whatever is causing this problem. I can’t go out with my friends, I feel horrible at work, I cry daily, this would make my life whole again.

  3. I am a yo-yo dieter and have tried all those diets. Every fad diet out there, I’ve done it. The pills, yep I’ve tried them. I‘ve even had Gastric Bypass Surgery. I am destined to be short and fat! But If you are showing me something that does have science and isn’t just a weight loss supplement and magic pill, feel free to tell me more. You have my ears perked now. When you say scientific proof? What exactly do you mean? Could this do more for me than just help my weight? I worry a lot because my dad died of cancer and my mom has Alzheimer’s disease. I feel like I’m just a lost cause. Is your science based product something that could change my outcome entirely?

My point is when you allow them to share the in depth, real pain, raw emotion, and what they have experienced negatively; they break down the walls and allow you to listen, feel, and become a part of their true pain and struggle.

As you listen and understand, feeling that struggle with them... you start building trust, because you haven’t pitched a product to them WITHOUT understanding their wants, desires, heartaches, and needs FIRST!

Whether it's financial worries, weight loss, health and wellness, fitness, financial planning and investing, insurance, beauty, and longevity—whatever!

The essential key is to attract the right people who are already interested in solutions that solve pain points in their lives. If YOU do this, YOU WILL SOAR!

So, if you're ready to start using digital marketing strategies…

…and ditching the old school strategies, which will only serve to embarrass you, deflate you, and crush your belief in this industry, then I highly recommend you use techniques like my FREE attraction marketing guides here. I will give you a few of my techniques that you can simply copy and download the links for your prospects as well. When you connect with your audience, these are the downloads that you can offer FREE to them so it’s a value trade, rather than a direct pitch!

We know that in today’s world if we approach people in a “old school” MLM approach, that sends an “It’s all about ME message....” we are likely going to get shot down, and highly likely get blocked in this digital social world!

Therefore, transparency, transformation, and offering real solutions are the immediate value you bring to the table DAY one!!


✅ Here’s the bottom line:

🌀Let’s fortify the beliefs and get ready to take the next steps. Your future depends on your purpose driven actions of today.


There’s no need to recreate the wheel of success. Capitalize on what’s been done successfully, and use the knowledge of others failures to exempt you from making those horrid network marketing mistakes that cause you to give up on you or your brand.

🌟From this point forward, consider yourself in the Domination Zone🌟What area are you going to WIN in Today??? If you are seeking 🌟MORE🌟 Check out our 🌟Opportunities Page here on Platinum CEO🌟

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