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Are You About to Breakdown... or on the Verge of Sudden Breakthrough??? 👣🙏🏻❤️

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

We all have a story. It’s been shaped by history and circumstance. It’s culminated in who we are today. How we shape our stories determines our future. And that comes down to one powerful word.

In her incredibly inspiring Elite Academy talk, Rachel Jackson details her own story and journey. From near death, poverty, and heartbreak, to the pinnacle of success, there always remained a single constant theme in her life: choice — and the freedom to choose whether she would break down or breakthrough.

Choice is the greatest gift we have, and it determines whether we’ll be victims to circumstance or victors over challenges.

You can view her entire talk here. It will make your day — and it might even change your life.

Failure is a difficult and embarrassing part of life. We try to resist it whenever possible. It’s not uncommon to completely ignore the possibility of failure. Maybe if we don’t think about it, it won’t happen.

If we do happen to fail, we try to ignore it, hide it, or explain it away. Because failure isn’t something we readily embrace. Or should we?


Embracing failure means to face it, and possibly even welcome it. Embracing failure means to own the outcomes of our choices, so we can learn, grow, feel, and improve. There are hidden rewards in embracing failure, and today we’re going to shed light on them.




Let’s Rock and Roll!!! Here are 5 ways to EMBRACE a “New” way to view “Failure” and not feel bad about it or yourself!!!

1. Correction

The most important thing we can do when we fail is to look very closely at WHY we failed. This simply can’t happen if we reject or ignore our failures. If it’s always someone else’s fault we never give ourselves the ability to learn from our mistakes. Embracing our failures often means we can take a studied look at what went wrong and correct it for future attempts.

2. Resilience

Embracing failure seems counter-intuitive, but what you’re really doing is showing your mind and heart that failure is not the death of you. By embracing the failure, you learn that you’re stronger and more resilient than you know. You can draw on the experience and strength you learned from the past. The next time you attempt a new venture you will have an added resilience that boosts confidence and reduces the sting of future failures.

3. Trust

When you are able to embrace your failure without blaming others or denying it completely, you build trust in yourself and others. Think about it – would you rather do business with someone who refuses all responsibility, or someone who owns every decision and consequence? Others are more likely to support and invest in you when you show that you can embrace your failures.

4. Pivot

Often entrepreneurs are forced to make huge changes or paradigm shifts in the face of failure. These changes or shifts can be absolutely critical. You may find the life-changing idea or business opportunity, but not until you embrace the failure of the one you’ve been trying to deny. By admitting defeat, you open up a future of possibilities that can bring success untold.

5. Inspiration

When you embrace your failure, it becomes a source of inspiration for you and others. You may be giving yourself the spring-loaded determination you need, and helping others become brave enough to pursue their dreams when you are able to say “I failed, but it’s ok.” It can be a source of light for you in dark times.  Learning from your mistakes brings success much closer. It can be your first steps on a path of immeasurable success!

It certainly goes against everything in our nature to embrace failure. But that’s exactly how we can become supernatural! Begin by embracing small failures – being late, ruining a recipe – and work your way up to embracing the bigger failures. You’ll find the benefits will lead you straight to success. You will breakthrough to being extraordinary and unstoppable!


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