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5 Body Benefits to Drinking More Water 💦

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

Water makes up 60% of the body, and humans need clean water to survive. However, with all the delicious beverages at our fingertips today, it’s often harder to choose to drink water over the alternatives.

The average person should drink about 2 liters of water a day. How much water did you drink today? It’s ok if you didn’t drink enough; we won’t tell. We will, however, give you some great reasons that you should drink more water tomorrow.


1. Energy

It’s a little-known fact, but drinking water can greatly improve your energy levels. When you’re low on energy and fighting fatigue, it’s tempting to reach for coffee or caffeinated soda. But extra water can help you focus and boost energy, so try a glass of water before your chosen perk beverage.

2. Digestion

Drinking water helps your entire digestive process. Water can help with regularity, stomachaches, and retaining important nutrients. If you struggle with digestion issues, try increasing your water intake before meals.

3. Weight Loss

Along with improved digestion, drinking water can aid your weight loss in a major way. Often what we mistake for hunger is actually just dehydration, so drinking a large glass of water before eating can help you eat less, or fight off an unnecessary snack altogether.

4. Glowing Skin

Are you struggling with dry, dull skin or acne? Flaking nails, hair, or lips? Pump up your water intake. Water flushes toxins from your system and can help with circulation, so your skin will be clearer, softer, and more glowing.

5. Joint & Muscle Function

Studies show that drinking water helps support your joints by keeping the cartilage soft and hydrated. And because your muscle tissue contains over 70% water, proper hydration is essential for keeping your muscles functioning at their best. Even a small amount of dehydration can leave you feeling physically weak and mentally fatigued. 

If you don’t like plain water, there are many ways to spice it up for easier drinking. Add a lemon wedge or other fresh fruit to get some antioxidants. You can also try flavoring packets, or drink your water at different temperatures. The best way to drink more water is to always keep water at arm’s reach.

Buy a new water bottle that fits easily in your bag or backpack, or try a tall glass or tumbler at your desk at work. Drinking more water is a lifestyle change, but a very beneficial one that can make you healthier and happier.

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