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"So excited to be on this business venture of helping so many with you!"

                        -Kasie Graves


Jean watkins Lifevantage Distributor and PlatinumCEO

"Jean has years of experience in the healthcare industry and takes pride in her work. She loves people and has a strong desire to help others achieve their wellness goals"

              -Jennifer Sage


Jean Watkins

Platinum CEO

Welcome to my page. I am devoted to serving others for the greater good of service and community. I invite you to dig in, get to know me, and recommend this page to others that you feel may benefit from the sounding board and encouragement.

My story begins at a very young age. I was born and raised in  rural Alabama. My family has such a deep rooted foundation within the health and wellness industry, it is hard to think I would be in any other industry. My Great Grandfather and my Grandfather owned a small chain of independent pharmacies, known as Foster Drug Incorporated. The rich history of pharmacy and medicine runs through my family for generations. I have the fondest memories of the local drug store at early ages. Mortars & pestles used to mix and fill many medications were my early memories of medicine. Looking at how medicine has transformed over the last 40 years has really blessed my passion for wanting to make an impact in the lives of people.


In choosing a career path, I took the advice of my College Advisor of bridging my passion of pharmacy and health, with my ability and love of entrepreneurial spirit in public presence.  This enabled me to make a bigger difference in the lives of many. I worked with some of the top Pharmaceutical and Medical companies in many areas of specialty care. My passion became super ignited with the sudden sickness of my father and his diagnosis of colon cancer.  Just four months after his diagnosis, he went home to be with our Heavenly Father. His passing made my spirit and passion burn brighter within my work environment. I became determined to not only make a difference, but to specifically align myself with those dealing with this horrific chronic disease, cancer.


Throughout my years in the healthcare and pharmacy industry, I started understanding the catch twenty two that cancer treatment brings. Is the treatment we have today worth the risks of deterioration in the body and how rapidly those side effects happen? Understanding our health is complex in itself, but trying to put an answer to a complex chronic condition such as cancer is a very big question that scientists can't completely explain.  Even with millions upon millions of dollars and many many years vested in research there isn't the explanation of why there isn't a cure or treatment approved by the FDA that  doesn't leave the body with more damage in the long run.... so as complex as it seems, I began to search harder for answers.


At that point, I knew it was my calling to work in the area of Oncology to strive to make a bold impact. I joined local resource advocates to create awareness and create change to this epidemic cancer. As I progressed into this, I began to realize my passion is fueled by self care and prevention. As a society, we have steered away from true self care and we live in an instant gratification world. The food we eat, the sunlight we see, and the exercise we get isn't to the standard to be able to ward off the common illness, let alone the massive beast called cancer. 


While on this journey my mom has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease.  My families lives have been turned upside down. My husband and I have been the primary caregivers for her, while trying to balance a household and function normally raising three children.This brought extreme stress to me and I can’t put into words how this process wore on my strength both physically and emotionally. We put our lives on hold, our kids sacrificed, all while the ugly disease tore us down. While this has been really hard, it amped up my role within the health and wellness arena not only to feel like I am making a difference but to BE THE DIFFERENCE.


For me, there is not a secret for being happy and successful. My answer and lifestyle is scientifically backed. I welcome entrepreneurial spirits, like minded in cause and reason, to lock arms and join me in this amazing journey. Live the life you are destined to create. Dare to take action NOW and Be the Change!

Jean Watkins

Platinum CEO

"Jean is passionate about health and wellness! With her years of experience, she will ensure your healthcare needs are met."

            -Tracy Bragg


"Mrs. Watkins has been known to me for over 15 years in a variety of different roles, mainly in the pharmaceutical industry.  She has continuously demonstrated high integrity and credibility. Her compassion and honesty make her an enjoyable partner in the healthcare delivery setting."


    -Michael Oleksyk MD/FACP/CPE/CMPE

       Vice president of Medical affairs & CMO

 Baptist Health Care

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