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"My GOAL is to make you money but my PASSION is to change you and your families lives, PERIOD!"

"If you knew how good financial independence FELT...

you would stop at nothing to gain it!"

                           -Rachel Jackson


Platinum CEO

Jean Watkins

We’re a global community of leaders, influencers, and high achievers whose members touch any and every industry where true leadership is needed. Are you seeking this type of community to help you become financially independent and reach your own true potential? If so I implore you to read on and if this speaks to you I would love to have you join us.


Click below to hear the video that helps describe part of our purpose. I urge you to become a free member of our site by clicking on the members tab. I encourage you to discover and follow YOUR purpose within you. Gain more of an understanding of who we are by taking a close look at our products, services, and our life changing opportunity that will forever open doors to a world of abundance in both wealth and health. Explore more in the "About Section" and read my story; where you will find my history and discover my passion.  


Continue on our journey by keeping up to date with the latest writings of key relevant #hacks, #socialideas, and #personaldevelopment topics within our "Blog" section. Interact and share your comments, likes/loves, and posts. Share our Platinum CEO "Blog" with others by sharing directly to your social sites; such as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.


Prepare to join a team of executives that will build your business whatever that may be into a successful cutting edge digital organization. We are a team changing lives, minute by minute, and excited that 2019 is a record breaking year for our organization. Beyond supporting a fantastic team, we are supported by a publicly traded company that is grounded in the mission we serve, from the products we create, to the legacy we leave, it's part of who we are.


We have high level executives that have gone from high pressure 9-5 jobs where everyday felt the same, to a lifestyle where the terms are now changed and our experiences are enriched by new people, new places, and new opportunity to changes lives globally! 

We want to:

  • Know what your goals are for the coming year...

  • Help you gain clarity for your best next step…

  • Discover what kind of transformation you want to see in your organization, leadership, and life.

We’re looking for leaders with a genuine and true commitment. We are here to build, inspire, and lead you through positive influence and proven systems. You supply the passion, we'll provide the science and support. Together, we can positively affect and enrich the quality of lives across the world!


Are you the next success story of the Platinum CEO Team?

Let’s find out, together! To become a part of our Platinum CEO Organization sign up to become a free member. 

Here are in business for yourself ...but not by yourself.


Mendy Burton

Your Coaching has been soooooo helpful for me! Thank you for all you do. I’m glad you added me when you did. It was so very timely!


Veda Vinson

I was taking the Vitality Stack through my Radiation Treatment for Lung Cancer. During that time, my physician lowered my blood pressure medication in half.

After, the PET scan, it showed I am CANCER FREE!




Detra Knapp

I give God all the glory! And it was God who brought me into Jean Watkins life, or hers in mine.  


With out being introduced to Biohacking, NRF2,  I could not do what I’ve been doing the way I’ve been doing it.  There’s no way!  


Skye Duncan,RN

Jean's development with the Platinum CEO Brand is superior.


The online business coaching and mentorship is top notch. She is a positive motivational leader with systematic approaches and strategies for success.  This makes her coaching and platforms far outweigh others.

Located in Northwest Florida, United States Of America
Contact Email: jean@platinumceo
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